It is not easy to provide any accurate, comprehensive summaries of all of my student evaluation data. I have taught at three different universities, all of which have asked my students to respond to a different set of questions, and to evaluate my teaching on different scales.

That being said, I believe I have good cause to be proud of my evaluations. Most of my students are not philosophy majors; in fact, most haven't even taken a philosophy course before. Many are taking my class just to meet university required general education requirements. Nevertheless, my students rate my teaching, and my courses, very highly. In fact, just under 50% of my students gave me the highest rating possible, and over 93% rated me positively overall. 

Further, of those asked:

• 99% said that I treated them fairly and with respect. 

• 97% said I displayed interest in their learning.

• Only 8% said they would not recommend my class to others.

More detailed summaries are provided below: